Virtual & Augmented Reality: Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR/AR) Presentations
Event TypeVirtual & Augmented Reality
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TimeWednesday, 5 December 201810am - 6pm
Art Plunge: Experiencing the Inner Worlds of Famous Artworks
FiveStar VR: Shareable Travel Experience Through Multisensory Stimulation to the Whole Body
Flow Zone: A Cross-Modal Music Creation VR Experience to Induce Flow
Games In Concert - Collaborative Music Making in VR
Haptopus : Haptic VR Experience Using Suction Mechanism Embedded in Head-mounted Display
HapTwist: Creating Interactive Haptic Proxies in Virtual Reality Using Low-cost Twistable Artefacts
Little Hero Wins the Masks
Lotus: Enhancing the Immersive Experience in Virtual Environment with Mist-based Olfactory Display
Mochitsuki: A real-object-based, interactive haptic interface
MR360 Interactive: Playing with Digital Creatures in 360° Videos
Muscle Action VR to Support Embodied Learning Foundations of Biomechanics in Musculoskeletal System
Oceans We Make: Immersive VR Storytelling
Rapture of the Deep VR
Real-time Visual Representations for Mobile Mixed Reality Remote Collaboration
Self-Umbrelling Turns Over Subjective Direction of Gravity
Space Fusion: Context-Aware Interaction Using 3D Scene Parsing
Trajectile Command
“The player is the star” - Futuristic vision for Mixed Reality World