Hermione Mitford
Hermione Mitford is the Co-Founder/CEO of 3D character studio, Mimic Productions, and the Founder/Art Director of 3D creative agency, Synthetic Studio. During her 5 year tenure at Mimic Productions, Mitford has established, developed and grown a team who are at the cutting-edge of 3D human development. From Artifical Intelligence and Virtual Reality, to Cosmetics and Robotics, Mitford has made a point to embrace the emerging 3D markets, and by extension, develop Mimic's technology to suit the ever-changing demands of the industry and stay at the for-front of the field. This flexible and innovative approach has allowed Mimic to accommodate clients such as Warner Brothers, 2K and Nike, and talent such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer, Marina Abramovic, Jeff Koons and Kanye West.