Yuki Morimoto
2000.4-2004.3 Undergraduate student, the department of Art and Information Design, Kyushu University
2004.4-2006.3 Graduate student, Design, Kyushu University
2006.4-2008.3 Ph.D student, Design, Kyushu University (2007.4 - 2008.3 JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC2))
2008.4-2009.3 Researcher at the University of Tokyo (JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (PD))
2009.4-2011.3 Researcher at Functionality Simulation and Information Team, VCAD System Research Program, RIKEN, Japan.
2011.4-2012.3 Researcher at ISIT (Institute of Systems, Information Technoloties and Nanotechnologies)
2012.4-2016.3 Assistant Professor (or Lecturer) at Tokyo Denki University
2016.4-2016.7 Assistant Professor (or Lecturer) at Shibaura Institute of Technology
2016.8-present Assistant Professor (or Lecturer) at Kyushu University