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Real-time High-accuracy 3D Reconstruction with Consumer RGB-D Cameras
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Technical Papers
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TimeWednesday, 5 December 201810:24am - 10:45am
DescriptionWe present an integrated approach for reconstructing high-fidelity three-dimensional (3D) models using consumer RGB-D cameras. RGB-D registration and reconstruction algorithms are prone to errors from scanning noise, making it hard to perform 3Dreconstruction accurately. The key idea of our method is to assign a probabilistic uncertainty model to each depth measurement, which then guides the scan alignment and depth fusion. This allows us to effectively handle inherent noise and distortion in depth maps while keeping the overall scan registration procedure under the iterative closest point framework for simplicity and efficiency. We further introduce a local-to-global, submap-based, and uncertainty-aware global pose optimization scheme to improve scalability and guarantee global model consistency. Finally, we have implemented the proposed algorithm on the GPU, achieving real-time 3D scanning frame rates and updating the reconstructed model on-the-fly. Experimental results on simulated and real-world data demonstrate that the proposed method outperforms state-of-the-art systems in terms of the accuracy of both recovered camera trajectories and reconstructed models.