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CurveFusion: Reconstructing Thin Structures from RGBD Sequences
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Technical Papers
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TimeWednesday, 5 December 20189am - 9:21am
DescriptionWe introduce CurveFusion, the first approach for high quality scanning of thin structures at interactive rates using a handheld RGBD camera. Thin filament-like structures are mathematically just 1D curves embedded in R^3, and integration-based reconstruction works best when depth sequences (from the thin structure parts) are fused using the object's (unknown) curve skeleton. Thus, using the complementary but noisy color and depth channels, CurveFusion first automatically identifies point samples on potential thin structures and groups them into bundles, a fixed number of aligned consecutive frames. Then, the algorithm extracts per bundle skeleton curves using one axes and aligns and iteratively merges the one segments from each bundle to form the final complete curve skeleton. Unlike previous methods, reconstruction happens via integration along a data-dependent fusion primitive, i.e., the extracted curve skeleton. We extensively evaluate CurveFusion on a range of challenging examples, different scanner and calibration settings, and present high fidelity thin structure reconstructions previously just not possible with the existing reconstruction methods from raw RGBD sequences