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Multiple Scattering from Distributions of Specular V-Grooves
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Technical Papers
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TimeWednesday, 5 December 20189:21am - 9:42am
DescriptionMicrofacet-based reflection models are widely used to model light reflections from rough
surfaces. However, a major current limitation of these models is that they only account for
single scattering. In this paper, we present an analytical BRDF for a distribution of specular
v-grooves that supports multiple scattering. Using the fact that the number of reflections inside
a specular v-groove is bounded and analytically computable, we develop closed form solutions
for our multiple scattering BRDF and its probability density function (PDF). We also present a
method for importance sampling the BRDF. As a result, our BRDF can be easily integrated into
real-time renderers and path-tracing based renderers like PBRT. Our model is reciprocal,
energy preserving and can be used with any microfacet distribution function. It supports
anisotropy, spatially varying roughness and the Fresnel Effect. The images produced using our
model have a pleasing appearance compared to traditional single-scattering models.