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MIDAS Projection: Markerless and Modelless Dynamic Projection Mapping for Material Representation
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Technical Papers
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TimeFriday, 7 December 20183:33pm - 3:59pm
DescriptionThe visual appearance of an object can be disguised by projecting virtual shading as if overwriting the material.
However, conventional projection-mapping methods depend on markers on a target or a model of the target shape, which limits the types of targets and the visual quality.
In this paper, we focus on the fact that the shading of a virtual material in a virtual scene
is mainly characterized by surface normals of the target, and we attempt to realize markerless and modelless projection mapping for material representation.
In order to deal with various targets, including static, dynamic, rigid, soft, and fluid objects, without any interference with visible light, we measure surface normals in the infrared region in real time and project material shading with a novel high-speed texturing algorithm in screen space.
Our system achieved 500-fps high-speed projection mapping of a uniform material and a tileable-textured material with millisecond-order latency, and it realized dynamic and flexible material representation for unknown objects.
We also demonstrated advanced applications and showed the expressive shading performance of our technique.