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Accurate Dissipative Forces in Optimization Integrators
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Technical Papers
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TimeWednesday, 5 December 20183:07pm - 3:33pm
DescriptionWe propose a method for accurately simulating dissipative forces in deformable bodies when using optimization-based integrators. We represent such forces using dissipation functions which may be nonlinear in both positions and velocities, enabling us to model a range of dissipative effects including Coulomb friction, Rayleigh damping, and power-law dissipation. We propose a general method for incorporating dissipative forces into optimization-based time integration schemes, which hitherto have been applied almost exclusively to systems with only conservative forces. To improve accuracy and minimize artificial damping, we provide an optimization-based version of the second-order accurate TR-BDF2 integrator. Finally, we present a method for modifying arbitrary dissipation functions to conserve linear and angular momentum, allowing us to eliminate the artificial angular momentum loss caused by Rayleigh damping.