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I-Cloth: Incremental Collision Handling for GPU-Based Interactive Cloth Simulation
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Technical Papers
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TimeWednesday, 5 December 20185:33pm - 5:59pm
DescriptionWe present an incremental collision handling algorithm for GPU-based interactive cloth simulation. Our approach exploits the spatial and temporal coherence between successive iterations of an optimization-based solver for collision response computation. We present a novel incremental continuous collision detection algorithm that keeps track of deforming vertices along with spatial hashing. We use a non-linear GPU-based impact zone solver to resolve the penetrations. We combine our collision handling algorithm with implicit integration to use large time steps. Our overall algorithm, I-Cloth, can simulate complex cloth deformation with a few hundred thousand vertices at 2-8 frames per second on a commodity GPU.
We highlight its performance on different benchmarks and observe up to 7-10X speedup over prior algorithms.