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“REALITY: Be yourself you want to be” VTuber and presence technologies in live entertainment which can make interact between smartphone and virtual live characters
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TimeFriday, 7 December 20185pm - 5:15pm
DescriptionIn this presentation we proposes and demonstrate the “REALITY" platform and associated software and hardware components to answer needs in the live entertainment sector and the Virtual Youtuber space. We demonstrate how off the shelf software and hardware components can be combined together to realize a dream in the animation of interactive virtual characters. This presentation is a collaboration between GREE, Inc., Wright Flyer Live Entertainment, Inc. (WFLE), IKINEMA and StretchSense.

"REALITY" is a platform for VTubers and in this presentation we promote the concept of "Be yourself you want to be" with associated services like live entertainment broadcasting service and smartphone applications.

The animation industry in Japan is mature, with numerous animation titles released and with a vast number of animation fans. The fans' way of enjoying is not limited to just watching animation and purchasing related goods, many people have the desire to become a "virtual hero" at events or at different platforms in Japan. Virtual character culture, VOCALOID, contents such as videos and live streaming are already present, and we believe that the virtual talent in 2D or 3D avatar is now easily accepted. Furthermore, we demonstrate that the concept can be now achieved with readily available and affordable solutions and setups from home.

In addition, unlike animation, interactive bi-directional communication is possible as virtual talent responds to comments sent by audiences during live streaming and in turn Twitter accounts are updated frequently to respond to this. Fans feel fully engaged and fully interactive with their virtual idols.

Interactive virtual characters that can be setup together by current consumer VR technologies, allow one to express much more openly via a virtual avatar without revealing appearances. The proposed REALITY platform allows easy creation and animation of different avatars and a opportunity for one to have multiple 3D avatar to represent personality and represent themselves in the virtual space. This clearly makes this new opportunity very appealing for a large audience.

This presentation demonstrates the full concept and brings the features of the REALITY platform for VTubers and interactive virtual characters in general.