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Real-Time Live!
MR360 Live: Immersive Mixed Reality with Live 360° Video
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Key Events
Real-Time Live!
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TimeFriday, 7 December 20184pm - 4:15pm
DescriptionDreamFlux presents MR360 Live, a new way to create immersive and interactive Mixed
Reality applications. It blends 3D virtual objects into live streamed 360 videos in real-time,
providing the illusion of interacting with objects in the video.

From a standard 360° video, we automatically extract important lighting details, illuminate
virtual objects, and realistically composite them into the video. Our MR360 toolkit runs in
real-time and is integrated into game engines, enabling content creators to conveniently
build interactive mixed reality applications.

We demonstrate applications for augmented teleportation using 360° videos. This
application allows VR users to travel to different 360° videos. The user can add and
interact with digital objects in the video to create their own augmented/mixed reality
world. Using a live streaming 360° camera, we will travel to and augment the Real-Time
Live! stage in front of a live audience.