Manga Stylized Rendering in VR
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TimeTuesday, 4 December 20189am - 10:45am
DescriptionThe manga medium is a well established 2D narrative art form with distinctive aesthetic. In a recent project we created a virtual reality (VR) experience that immerses the viewer inside of a manga world.

This course presents some of the lessons learned from translating the manga visual experience to VR, all the way from art style to low-level optimization. In a first part we will present how we deconstructed the original material to define our visual style, the visual grammar elements that we explored and the techniques used by artists to achieve the desired look. In a second part we will detail the implementation of the non-photorealistic rendering, as well as possible techniques to represent manga frames in VR space. Finally in a third part we will focus on performance, from identifying the causes of issues to implementing solutions to ensure the frame rates required by VR while maintaining as much quality as possible.