Computer Animation Festival - Panel & Production Talks
Making of "Out of the Cradle"
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Computer Animation Festival - Panel & Production Talks
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TimeTuesday, 4 December 20184:15pm - 6pm
Description"Out of the Cradle" ("NHK special: Jinrui Tanjyo" in Japanese) is an innovative documentary TV program that employs the latest cutting-edge computer graphics, and traces mankind's footsteps back to Africa, as based on the most recent academic theories. Without question, most expert studies on this topic in writing, are far too esoteric for the average person. And though the injection of an entertainment element into such areas of academia may seem the ideal solution for the purposes of education, it's often easier said than done. With this new documentary, we believe that we were able to attain this objective, by utilizing our technical skills in visual expression honed through years of making video games and full-length CG movies.
In this session, we would like to introduce you to all the activities and work that went into this program up until its completion.
We will also talk about how broadcasting industry and game industry collaborate each other to create one content.
The 4 videos that are extracts of "Out of the Cradle" on Youtube got over 100 million views in total in world wide, we will explain how we can achieve those views.