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Computer Animation Festival
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TimeFriday, 7 December 20181:20pm - 1:25pm
DescriptionThere is a world in which an endless rain of dark ash fills the sky, and covers the earth. Humanity, fearing the ash that burns and melts away human flesh, has no choice but to cover themselves in protective suits, and their faces with gigantic masks.

This is the story of the children in this fearful world, this is "COCOLORS".

The hand-drawn animation style gives "Cocolors" a unique look and there is a great level of details in both characters and backgrounds. The design of the suits and the world itself draws on a steam-punk aesthetic, with machinery and trailing wires, a large fan that is presumably purifying the air. Very few things about the world are explained, but if you look closely you can understand a lot about how the society functions. The film uses digital computer animation to give characters and objects a three-dimensional feel and there is a palpable weight and solidity to everything. A color palette largely consisting of browns, yellows and greys beneath the ground, and almost entirely of black and white above ground, helps bring to life this post-apocalyptic world, where almost all vibrancy and life has been eradicated. The music likewise relies on very limited instrumentation.

In terms of the movie production technique, this movie tries to resurrect the Japanese traditional painting techniques: woodcut print and “ukiyoe”, by 3DCG animation.
It is loved beyond the time, such as ingenuity of directing born by imposing restrictions to use only limited "color", expression expressing circumstance change by using delicate color difference repeatedly using the same cut We are actively incorporating the depth of traditional painting.