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Computer Animation Festival
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TimeTuesday, 4 December 20189am - 6pm
Description“Undiscovered” follows Sasquatch on his quest for a good photo of himself. His attempts to jump into a photo before scaring away the hikers who are taking them are thwarted by the usual suspects--food in his teeth, closed eyes, mussed-up hair, an out-of-focus shot--resulting in deleted photos every time.

As the first film I’ve completed (almost) on my own, my last big project as a student, and the longest project I’ve worked on to date, my focus was on creating a film I knew I’d have fun with. As a result, “Undiscovered” is light-hearted, subtly humourous, filled with plants and colour,
and relatively simple in terms of style and animation. Sasquatch was always meant to be good-hearted and misunderstood, and experiencing relatable photographic flubs.