Computer Animation Festival - Panel & Production Talks
Creating an Animation in 64kB: A Dive Into The Making of Immersion
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Computer Animation Festival - Panel & Production Talks
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TimeThursday, 6 December 20184:15pm - 6pm
DescriptionWe will present some of the techniques used to create "H - Immersion".

This animation is rendered in real-time on consumer level hardware, but adds another technical challenge on top of it: it fits entirely within a single 64kB (65536 bytes) executable binary file. The engine, textures, 3d models, music, animations and other effects are all included inside that tiny file.

In the digital art subculture known as "the demoscene", this type of animation is referred to as "64K intro". The content is created with custom authoring tools, using various techniques including procedural generation and extreme compression.

We will show how this can be done and how it affects the creation process.
Director and programmer